How to Save Money on Storage Fees

by | Mar 8, 2018

Did you know that Amazon is charging you monthly storage fees on all of your inventory in their fulfillment centers? If you didn’t – THEY ARE. And they’re not cheap!

There are a few ways to figure out your cost, but the easiest and cleanest way is to run a Business Report.

Go to Reports –> Fulfillment –> Storage Fees.

This will allow you to run a monthly report of storage fees by ASIN. Within business reports you can find out the exact size and cost of your item by unit by month.

So how can you save money on storage fees? Find a partner who can keep your excess inventory and store it for cheaper. But beware – they MUST have the ability to keep you in stock at FBA. It’s not worth saving a buck to lose 2 bucks in sales. It IS worth it, however, to save thousands of dollars a year in storage while constantly maintaining stock in FBA because you have the proper fulfillment and storage partner.

Great fulfillment and storage partners can also provide opportunities to have more listings by fulfilling from your overstocked items. They can list in multi-quantity packs, variations/bundles, or even kits across your products! This would allow you to offer discounts to customers, have more unique listings on Amazon, and make more money without changing your business model one bit.

Amplizon has some of the best and brightest fulfillment partners, and have exclusive arrangements with them specifically for your benefit. Take advantage of the partnerships that we’ve forged so that you can save more money, make more money, and offer more products to customers on Amazon!

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